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Angelina Jolie retires and leaves America

American star Angelina Jolie made a big surprise, revealing that she is thinking of leaving the United States for Cambodia and retiring from acting.
Jolie said in media statements: “I grew up in a fairly shallow place, and of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place, so you strive for authenticity. I will never be an actress, because when I started my career, I did not expect to be a public figure.” And I participate in a lot of work.”
Jolie confirmed that she does not have a social life, is not dating anyone, and is not emotionally connected to anyone currently, and that she does not have many friends.
In her interview with the Wall Street Journal, she confirmed that she will not retire before completing a group of her artistic projects at the very least, such as a third part of the famous film Maleficent, in addition to her portrayal of the biography of the legendary opera singer Maria Callas in a film directed by Pablo Larraín.
As for her divorce from her compatriot and colleague Brad Pitt, she considered that their children were a lifeline for her after the separation, saying: “My whole life changed. Having children saved me, and they taught me to live in this world differently.” She added: “We are closer than some people imagine. We are 7 different people with different lives, but we are one, and that is the secret of our strength.

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