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Anger and stomach pain.. How to control them

Researchers have identified a strong link between the gut and the brain, between anxiety and stomach problems, and between stress and the digestive system, and because of this link, people with anxiety and stress suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.
Experts advised that measures should be taken to control stressful situations and find ways to maintain calm. They also advised adopting one of the following methods to maintain calm and avoid stress:

1- Chewing gum helps reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

2- Studies show that music has a positive effect on stress levels.

3- Practicing deep breathing is one of the most convenient ways to relieve stress or anxiety.

4- Use sponge toys, as squeezing a stress ball can reduce stress.

5- Take a warm bath.

6- Spending time with a pet and playing with it helps reduce stress and get rid of stomach problems.

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