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Angry European claims from Iran

There have been many Western condemnations and positions condemning the repression of the Tehran regime and the new death sentences against demonstrators.

On Monday, the White House condemned the implementation of death sentences in Iran, stressing that the United States stands with other countries to demand an “immediate halt” to death sentences.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, “We condemn the execution of Muhammad Mehdi Karmi and Muhammad Hosseini and the new rulings issued today,” referring to two people executed on Saturday and three death sentences issued on Monday. “We join our partners in the world to demand an immediate end to these abuses. Iran will be held accountable,” he added.

Britain, France, and before that Belgium, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands criticized Iran’s policy of executing protesters and decided to summon Tehran’s ambassadors.

The German Foreign Minister considered that the regime that kills young people to intimidate the people “has no future,” adding that her country asked the Iranian ambassador in Berlin to provide clarifications regarding executions and repression against Iranians.

In the same context, the Iranian Human Rights Organization announced that despite the execution of 4 demonstrators in the popular protests against the Iranian regime, at least 109 demonstrators are still at risk of issuing or executing death sentences.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization confirmed that the Iranian regime is “deliberately trying to spread ambiguity about the detainees’ issues through contradictory statements in their files, especially those sentenced to death.”

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