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Ankara holds Moscow and Washington responsible.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu held the United States and Russia responsible for not fulfilling their commitments to rein in Kurdish fighters in Syria.
Cavusoglu also indicated, during a joint press conference in Ankara today, Wednesday, with his Nicaraguan counterpart, Denis Moncada Colinders, that the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units”, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization linked to the “PKK”, have intensified their attacks against Turkey and started firing missiles. Its range reaches 30 km towards Turkish territory.
The Turkish foreign minister also stressed that the United States and Russia bear responsibility for these attacks, accusing them of not implementing their obligations to keep Kurdish fighters away from the Turkish border for a distance of at least 30 km.
Cavusoglu criticized Moscow and Ankara, saying: “They did not fulfill their promises and did not clear the agreed areas of terrorists, and therefore these two countries also bear responsibility for the attacks of the YPG / PKK militants, and in these circumstances Turkey should solve the issue by itself and ensure security of these areas.
In particular, the minister launched an attack on the United States, noting that it “supports Turkish units and at the same time declares solidarity with Turkey over attacks carried out with American weapons.”
Cavusoglu vowed that Ankara “will take all necessary steps to remove the dangers that Turkey faces from Syria.”

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