Aoun leaves Baabda Palace after 6 years.. What are his most important governance stations

Lebanese President Michel Aoun left Ba ‘abda after the expiration of his ongoing mandate since 2016, with no successor yet identified.
One day before his mandate officially ended, Aoun decided to leave Baabda Palace for his home in Rabiya. Before leaving, he gave a speech to his massed devotees in front of the Palace in which he confirmed that the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salama, had committed financial crimes in the country and that the head of the caretaker Government, Najib Mikati, was obstructing the formation of a new government.
The main events in Lebanon during Aoun province included the liberation of the Qalamoun area, Jerud Arsal in Lebanon, the termination of the ISIL project, the 2019 revolution against Lebanese politicians, the explosion of the port of Beirut in 2020, the collapse of the Lebanese pound to a historic record level and the country’s entry into the most violent phase of economic crisis in a century, and the signing of the southern maritime border agreement with Israel.

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