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Art stars in Syria and the Arab world mourn Al-Wasouf

Sadness descended on the Syrian and Arab artistic and media community after announcing yesterday evening the death of Wadih George Wassouf, the eldest son of Sultan Al Tarab, following a health crisis that afflicted him as a result of complications from a stomach surgery he performed a few days ago.

The Artists Syndicate mourned Wadih Wassouf, and expressed its deepest condolences to Sultan Al Tarab and his family. A large number of Syrian artists also published touching words in which they expressed their grief at the departure of the eldest son of Al Wassouf and their standing by him in this affliction.

The distinguished artist Ayman Zidan, who had lost his son Noir years ago, expressed his sadness and condolences in touching words, as he said: “I know that all words cannot repair the pain of loss..and he realized the meaning of one of us sharing the pleasure of his liver..but this is the world when it practices its cruelty, my friend. Death is a reality for all of us, but when it comes early, we have no choice but to be patient

The artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, wrote on her official page: All patience is for your heart, doctor of hearts.. May God help you and help you and be with you and your family over the great and painful loss, and there is nothing in the world to compensate you for your son, but we are all your children and dependent on you..

The artist Nassif Zaytoun, how ugly is this news and how difficult it is

The loss of youth and the sweet spirit. May God give patience to Um Wadih, his sisters, and all your loved ones… May his memory be eternal.”

The artist, Qusay Khouli, may God have mercy on Wadih and make his resting place in Paradise, and give you patience with this great affliction. Whoever believes in me, and if he dies, he will live.”

The artist, where is Hassan? May God have mercy on Wadih George Wassouf.

Artist Ali Al-Deek, sorry for your youth, my love, Wadih. Half an hour ago, I saw you in the hospital, and we were optimistic about the good. I bid you farewell and walked away. My heart broke with the news of your death. When I went to your home, I saw with your eyes details that burned my heart from the inside. Dear.. May God have mercy on you, pray for mercy for him

Actress Salma Al-Masry, may God give patience to your heart, O Abu Wadih, parting is difficult. Death steals from us our dearest loved ones. May God be with you and with his mother and sisters and strengthen you with great pain.

The artist paints the rawas. There is nothing harsher than words, and there is nothing more difficult than separation. May God be with you, Shalimar, and give patience to your heart, Abu Wadih.

Many stars of Lebanese art also mourned Wadih’s departure and sent words of condolence to his grieving father, as the artist Najwa Karam Al-Dani wrote in pain.

Actress Nawal Al Zoghbi, may God have mercy on you, Wadih, and give patience to your mother and father. O brother, Abu Wadih, what is your wound and your pain is great?

Actress Nancy Ajram is not right!! How cruel is death!!!

My heart is with the dear and beloved #Abu_Wadih.. May God give you patience and patience for your family.. The loss of a young man is worth the world…”

The artist, Wael Kfoury, is with your pain, O Jesus.

The artist Ragheb Alama is harsh news, good and painful, tragic news # George_Wassouf, Wadih’s mother, family and friends. May God give you patience with this tragedy.

The poet Nizar Francis, what is difficult for you, Abu Wadih?

The artist, Ziad Borji, what is this harsh news.. I am very early.. Farewell, beloved of Zico’s heart, oh meek, oh angel.. May God make your resting place in Paradise and grant patience to your mother, Beck, and your sisters

Artist Joseph Attia Wadih Wassouf, may God have mercy on your soul and be in heaven. Separation is difficult and the pain for the boy is great, but we are children of hope. May God give patience to your heart.

The stars of the Arab world also expressed their grief and condolences to Al-Wassouf, as the Egyptian artist, Angham, wrote: “There is no power but from God.” My sincere condolences on the death of Wadih Wassouf.

The artist dreams of our great teacher, George Wassouf.

Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Ruwaishid, my sincere condolences to the artist George Wassouf on the death of his son, Wadih George.

The picture is of the first appearance of the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, while receiving condolences at the Church of Saint Nicholas in Ashrafieh, Lebanon.. Tomorrow, the body of the late will be transferred to prayer at five in the afternoon in his hometown of Kafroun in the Church of Saint Elias, and he will be buried in the family cemetery there, and condolences will continue in Kafroun on Monday and Tuesday, on To return to accepting condolences in Lebanon again at St. Nicholas Church in Ashrafieh on Saturday, January 14th.

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