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Artificial intelligence is on the front line with skin cancer

Specialists in Britain are testing the world’s first drug to control skin cancer and stop its expansion with the help of artificial intelligence, which suggests a treatment for each patient according to what suits him.
Sky News quoted experts as saying that the treatment has enormous potential, and is one of the most exciting developments in modern cancer treatment.
The drug, called mRNA4157 (V940), targets people with tumors in the melanin cells responsible for giving the skin its color and which are generally targeted by skin cancer. The drug can also stop bladder, lung and kidney cancer and works to stimulate the body to recognize cancer cells, and helps a lot in preventing the return of cancer. Illness, for recovered people.
The treatment being developed at the University of London Hospitals of the National Health Service (UCLH) is distinguished by its ability to stimulate the immune system, while the importance of artificial intelligence is that it suggests an appropriate treatment by taking a sample of the tumor and studying its DNA sequence to determine the treatment, appropriately. With the genetic identity of each patient’s tumor individually, which helps direct the body to form the appropriate antibodies for each type of cancer cell.
Researchers hope to test the treatment on more than 1,100 patients during the third phase of testing the new drug.

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