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Artist Ahmed El Sakka resolves the controversy over his separation from his wife

The artist Ahmed Al-Sakka is exposed from time to time to the spread of news about his separation from his media wife, Maha Al-Saghir, despite his repeated denial of what is being circulated about their separation, but in the past hours, news of Al-Sakka and Maha’s separation has reappeared on social media sites, and he responded to it in media statements in the negative.

He confirmed that his marital life is completely stable and that there is absolutely no truth to what is being said about their separation, explaining that he has been married to Maha for more than 25 years and the issue of separation is completely outside his calculations and will never happen.

Ahmed Al-Sakka had revealed during his guest appearance on the “Al-Hekaya” program presented by the journalist Amr Adeeb the truth about the news circulating about his health condition, as he confirmed that he was suffering from a gallbladder problem, which required him to undergo surgery to remove it.

Al-Saqqa also explained that he suffered a lot from rumors in the recent period, but the issue is “simple,” and his health condition has improved, and he is currently continuing to train with the Vanguards of the Army team.

Al-Sakka responded to the criticism of art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi for his role in the series “Al-Ataula,” saying: “I will work hard, Mr. Tariq, and your point of view this year is respected, and criticism is not criticism, because criticism is sometimes insulting, and I respect him very much, and he is my friend, and I will work hard to God willing, I am definitely angry, but that is normal.”

Ahmed Al-Sakka competed in the Ramadan 2024 season in the series “Al-Ataula” directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, and a number of Egyptian acting stars participated in the tournament, including: Tarek Lotfy, Zeina, Bassem Samra, Hoda Al-Atrabi, Farida Seif Al-Nasr, and Salah Abdullah…, and he achieved The work was a great success at the time of its release

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