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Artist Mohamed Henedy suffers a heart attack

The artist Mohamed Henedy suffered a heart condition, as a result of which the doctor treating him had to transfer him to the hospital, where he immediately subjected him to several tests and tests, as a result of his feeling that some complications and heart failure were occurring.

Dr. Alaa Yasser, a cardiologist consultant and the physician treating Henedy, revealed the latest details of the artist’s health condition, after he went through an illness, as he published a picture of him from inside the hospital, after undergoing several examinations and analyses, and wrote on it: “One night during Ramadan, we checked on the artist’s coronary arteries.” Mohamed Henedy, who made people happy with his spontaneity and spontaneity and not offending the modesty of Egyptians.”

He also added: “We checked on the coronary arteries and stents… which we had repaired before on one of the nights of Ramadan also a few years ago… and thank God his heart is like iron… and may God make it a reason for people’s happiness through goodness.”

Immediately after publishing a picture of Mohamed Henedy from inside the hospital, while he was on his sick bed with his treating doctor, that picture spread widely on social networking sites, where the artist’s fans began circulating it on their pages, praying to God to grant him a speedy recovery, so that he could emerge from this ordeal.

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