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Artist Wael Kfoury is at the top of the trend

Star Wael Kfoury promoted his new song by publishing a video on his page on the Instagram application that does not exceed 10 seconds.
The Lebanese star aroused the curiosity of his fans with a video in which a group of young men appeared singing a short clip of the song and repeating, “With every beat of my heart, I love you to the last beat.” The atmosphere was enthusiastic and full of positive energy and youthful spirit.
As every year, Wael Kfoury is keen to release a song full of movement that suits the summer atmosphere. The audience interacted widely with the short video, and it won the admiration of thousands of his followers who announced that they were impatiently waiting for the new song.
It is noteworthy that Wael Kfoury’s latest singing work, the song “Time is a Gift,” which he released about a month ago on social networking sites, achieved high viewership rates, and won the admiration of the audience.

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