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Asala celebrates a new birth

The Syrian star, Asala, celebrated a year after her marriage to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, and published the latest photo of them, and commented on it, as usual, with a message full of romance, stressing that she was born again on this day, because she had finally found the man who was able to rid her of fatigue.

Asala published the photo through her account on the Instagram website and commented on it with a message addressed to her husband, Faeq Hassan, in which she said: Like today, I was born again…

She also continued, saying: Praise be to God for the blessing of your existence, my father, my love, my support, and an entity that reassures me and settles in it from the west that lasted for years..

Congratulations, Asala revealed for the first time the date of her real marriage to Faeq Hassan. The news was not officially announced until September of last year, when she published the first official photo of her and her husband, and commented, as usual, in a long romantic message in which she said: From the time I knew him, he is the closest to myself as an expensive friend who carries everything Respect and a lot of trust, and a moment that transformed our feelings..everything between us is common and our relationship is based on our solid friendship and sincere love..with him I felt fine because he was like what I had always wished for and more.

She added, “Together, we respect all our responsibilities and know that the best we can give is love.” We will teach our children how to continue life and have hope, determination, love and sincerity, and we will give them this good feeling as supplies for tomorrow, which we hope will be without any harm. I thank your kind hearts that rejoiced for me and me.

She also continued: And I pray to God to always be a source of happiness and reassurance for my loved ones, my friends and all those around me.. and for the dear beloved and friend, and the one who is able to be a world through which my husband (Super Hassan) lives. All the feelings I have gathered include great love, safety, and quest to make you happy.. I know that you share the same with me Feeling and covenant.

And she concluded her speech: For the first time, I announce in front of the lovers my great love for you and your kind, noble, upscale person.. and I wish us what you wish for good people. All of them live in peace, a sweet and pure life. Like it.

Her husband, the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, replied: When taste meets sense, a person turns from an ordinary person to an exceptional, then beauty is above the level of description, a little beyond imagination, only rivaled by talent from the Creator and excessive intelligence mixed with a fairy wit.

Faeq Hassan continued to flirt with her: This is a small part of a good, tender personality that is excessive in love to the point of splendor. You are the gift of heaven. I will not promise you anything less than your dreams, oh dream woman, and let’s start together the most beautiful thing we wished.

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