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Asala Nasri reveals why she sings barefoot

The artist Asala revealed the reason for throwing away her shoes while presenting her opening segment at the “Masterpieces of Baligh Hamdi” concert, which was recently held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of the activities of the fourth edition of the Riyadh Season, and included the stars: Majid Al-Muhandis, Mai Farouk, Angham, Saber Al-Rubai and Nancy Ajram.
Asala said, during the press conference held on the sidelines of her participation in the “Night of Tears 2” concert: Most of the time I am barefoot, and if it is a part of mine and I will make a strong effort in it with difficult songs, I prefer to be barefoot, because I discovered that I am at home and even in the studio recording songs while I am barefoot. Feet, even if I’m wearing sneakers I take them off.”
Asala said, “My brother, standing barefoot while I sing because my body moves a lot. The audience may not see this movement, but I feel it, and my movement with the effort in singing is more beautiful, softer, and louder when I am barefoot.”
Asala previously took off her shoes during her concert at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, which was held last year, and after she threw the shoes away, she walked around spontaneously on stage barefoot.
At the time, she commented on her behavior, saying: “I do not like anything to affect my singing, whether it is clothing or wearing shoes whose heel reaches 12 cm.”
She also continued: “I like to focus a lot on singing, and to entertain my audience with singing, and I do not care about such appearances, as these things take away from my thinking and singing, and therefore I prefer to get rid of them directly, especially since I suffer from standing for a long time on stage.”
On the other hand, 7 artists from the Arab world participated in the Baligh Hamdi Masterpieces concert, accompanied by 185 musicians, in the first concerts of the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in the 2023 Riyadh season. The concert opened with a documentary video narrating the career of the composer Baligh Hamdi, followed by a piece of the song “Repentance.”
The artist Asala opened the song and presented the song “Zay Al-Asal” by the late artist Sabah, and the song “Al-Hob Kulli” by Kawkab Al-Sharq Umm Kulthum.
Then the artist Saber Al-Rubai took the stage and presented Abdel Halim Hafez’s masterpiece “Promised”, at the end of which he witnessed a huge greeting from the audience, after which the artist Nancy Ajram presented the song “Black Eyes” by the late Warda, and the song “I Adore You” by the artist Mayada El-Hanawi.
The surprise of the ceremony was the artist Mai Farouk, who presented one of the masterpieces of Kawkab Al-Sharq and the composer Baligh Hamdi’s “One Thousand and One Nights”, after which the artist Angham appeared accompanied by the international musician Ramzi Yassi, and to the tunes of the piano Angham sang Baligh Hamdi’s masterpiece “If I Met You a Long Time ago” by the artist Warda, followed by her. The song “Once upon a time”.
After a short break, the “Spirit of the East” band performed a medley composed of Baligh Hamdi’s melodies and masterpieces (Hawa Yahwa, On the Blink of Her Eyes, Bahiya, Al-Rababa), after which a call came from Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, who said: “Today we honor a symbol of Arabic song and music.” He praised the band and the artists, and concluded his talk with a special greeting to the Egyptian people, “children of stars,” as he described it.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the family of the late Baligh Hamdi was honored with a commemorative shield from the Riyadh Season, by the Executive Vice President of Gia, Ahmed Al-Muhammadi. Celebrate this night.

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