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Asala raises doubts about her pregnancy

The artist, Asala Trend, topped the search indicators during the past hours, after she recently appeared with her daughter, Sham, with a swollen belly.

Here, Asala appeared in a light pink dress that revealed her weight gain, and a number of her fans noticed her appearance with a swollen belly, which made some expect her pregnancy from her Iraqi husband, Faiq Hassan.

Where Asala ignored the circulating news and did not comment on the denial or proof of the fact that she was pregnant, and a large number of her fans expected that she had mis-chosen the look or suffered from weight gain, especially since Asala’s pregnancy would not be easy this time after she exceeded the age of 50.

Asala got married a few years ago to the Iraqi poet Faiq Hassan, and celebrated her marriage to him in complete secrecy, away from the limelight and social media.

Asala also expressed her love for her husband on many occasions that brought them together, and she is keen to publish distinctive pictures and snapshots that bring them together on the social media, and although this marriage is Asala’s third experience, her children welcomed this experience, especially since her last marriage was a harsh experience and she was betrayed.

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