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Asala spreads joy in her own way

The star, Asala, released her new song, “Sultan Al Mahaba,” with a different clip, in which joy and bright colors spread among the orchards.

A large number of social media followers interacted with Asala’s looks and hairstyles in the clip of her song, which she released hours ago on YouTube Rotana, entitled “Sultan of Love”, which is from the words of Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah, and composed by musician Dr. Talal, and music arrangement by Hossam Kamel.

Asala’s looks varied between classic and daring, as she wore a silver-gray evening dress and adopted a soft hairdo with it, and then appeared a blue hair block to come back and a pink hair block during the clip filled with an atmosphere of joy and positive energy.

Asala commented on the clip of the song directed by Nihal Nabil via Twitter, where she tweeted, “I was happy with her singing and also I was happy to photograph it and took the role of the game in her colorful, joyful clothes under the management of my dear, talented friend Nihal Nabil.” Farah energy, saying: “I hope to convey to you the energy of joy that you felt, because your happiness is the goal.” Asala’s fans also expressed their happiness with the clip, especially since she had not filmed a video clip for a while, and the audience praised the director of the clip, Nihal Nabil, and what she presented again to Asala in this song.

For her part, Nihal Nabil yesterday promoted the work that she collected in authenticity through her account on Instagram, commenting: “We gathered from Tani, my friend and my soul, the lover of my life and the twin of success, Stay tuned.”

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