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Assad responds to question about his wife’s role in political life

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad responded to a question on Russia 1 about his wife Asma al-Assad’s role in political life and how the president’s family has endured persistent pressure and threats over the past years.
The President’s response to its platforms was posted on social media by the Presidency of the Syrian Republic, where Assad said “She played a very active role as a first-class Syrian citizen who greatly loved his country, had a clear view of the circumstances and requirements of war, had a deep view of matters in these complex circumstances, and played a very important role in assisting through dialogues, meetings and contributing to the various ideas that were being put forward to address the repercussions of war in various areas. You know war hits everything, it hits infrastructure, The economy, the culture, infects society in all its aspects, there are no limits to the work it can do in this area. was playing an active role and is still, especially now in the post-earthquake phase. That is not what matters, what is important to achieve results. Its role has been very helpful to me in all respects. “

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