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AstraZeneca withdraws quantities of its Corona virus vaccine “for commercial reasons” in light of allegations that it causes fatal effects.

The British pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca” announced the withdrawal of a large quantity of its vaccine to combat the Corona virus, “Vaxifria”, for commercial reasons, and due to the presence of a surplus in the updated doses, according to the words of the company’s official spokesman, as “Vaxifria” is considered one of the first vaccines that were produced during the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic. corona.

According to the statement, the aforementioned vaccine is no longer manufactured, especially with the emergence of updated doses and the decline in demand for it.

Last month, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported information indicating that AstraZeneca admitted that its Corona virus vaccine could cause fatal side effects of blood clotting, and that the company is facing a class action lawsuit worth millions of sterling pounds by dozens of families who claim that they have suffered the loss of a loved one. Their relatives due to the vaccine.

The company contested these accusations in an official legal document that was submitted to the Supreme Court last February, although it admitted that its vaccine could, in very rare cases, cause blood clotting.

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