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At the summit, Arab leaders endorsed the Algiers Declaration

The Arab leaders approved a series of resolutions during today’s summit meeting in Algeria, which contained several consensus items in the so-called “Algiers Declaration”.
The Algiers Declaration affirmed “the centrality of the Palestinian cause and unequivocal support for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people”.
He added: “We affirm our commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative in all its elements and priorities and our commitment to a just and comprehensive peace.”
He also stressed “the need to continue efforts and endeavours to protect the occupied city of Jerusalem and its sanctities”.
He called for the lifting of Israel’s blockade of Gaza and condemnation of the use of force by the occupying Power against Palestinians.
He stressed the State of Palestine’s support for full membership in the United Nations.
Rejecting foreign interventions in all their forms in the internal affairs of Arab States and upholding the principle of Arab solutions to problems.
He also emphasized support for efforts to end the Libyan crisis through a Libyan solution that preserves Libya’s unity and sovereignty and safeguards its security and the security of its neighbours.
He called for the Arab States to play a collective and leading role in contributing to the efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis to ensure Syria’s unity.
He stressed the need for Arab states to participate in shaping the new international system for the post-coronavirus world and the war in Ukraine.
and the need to unite efforts to combat terrorism and extremism in all its forms and to dry up its sources of financing.

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