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Australian warriors burn their medals to demand protection for Afghans

Australian war veterans have burned their medals to protest the country’s inadequate efforts to provide shelter to hundreds of Afghans who worked with foreign military personnel and now face reprisals from the Taliban.
And that a group of military personnel who participated in the Afghan campaign, organized a symbolic march in front of the offices of federal politicians out of growing concerns for the safety of Afghans who previously served on the side of the coalition forces.
Afghanistan War veteran Stuart McCarthy said: “The deliberate decision of the (Australian Prime Minister) Scott Morrison government to leave hundreds of our former civilian Afghan translators, and other loyal allies and their families to Taliban vengeance… is now turning this medal into a mark of shame. “.
It was also reported that the event was attended by Australian veterans of other conflicts, who, out of solidarity, also burned their medals and medals.
The authorities of several countries, including the United States and Canada, had earlier announced their plans to start evacuating Afghan interpreters and their family members who had provided support to the forces of these countries in the near future.
The spokesman for the “Taliban” movement, Sohail Shaheen, said in a press conference in Moscow that the movement will not persecute Afghan translators working for the United States.

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