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Bale is in big trouble with Real Madrid

Welsh winger Gareth Bale is facing a new crisis with Real Madrid, a few weeks before the end of his contract with the Spanish club.

This season is considered one of the worst in Bale’s career, due to his lack of participation with Real due to injuries and coach Carlo Ancelotti’s lack of reliance on him.

According to journalist Carlos Rodriguez from “ONDA Madrid”, Bale is in trouble after the news of his exclusion from Espanyol’s match today, Saturday, in the league.

He also explained that the player’s situation would be very dangerous, if the club could prove that the player was claiming the injury for not appearing at the match.

This is similar to what happened with the Welshman in the Clasico against Barcelona on March 20, and it may amount to a huge fine of up to 400,000 euros.

He pointed out that Real was tired of Bale due to his frequent absence and “suspicious” through unconvincing injuries to the club’s medical staff.

In a related context, Mundo Deportivo newspaper revealed that the matter could go further, if Real could use the legal regulations related to this incident.

She also stressed that taking into account the “League-AFE” agreement, the Welsh international’s position could be considered very serious if the fact of his injury was not proven with clear evidence.

The most severe penalty for this incident is the player being subjected to a heavy fine in addition to suspension of work and salary from 11 to 30 days, and it may amount to complete dismissal from his work.

This comes as Bale ends his career with Real in the worst possible way, as he participated in only 7 matches this season, with a total of 290 minutes.

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