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BBC Arabic Radio stopped broadcasting after 85 years

“Here is London” disappeared from the ether when the British “BBC” broadcast, starting at 1 pm yesterday, Friday, ended its broadcast in Arabic, which continued for 85 years non-stop, and was the first foreign-language radio broadcast, provided by its network known as the BBC Empire Service to its listeners. However, it will continue to provide its Arabic service through a website.

Whereas, the BBC, whose famous broadcast was launched on October 22, 1922 in London, and currently employs more than 22 thousand people, on January 3, 1938, it presented its Arabic service, as the first foreign broadcast after the English language, during which it covered news of World War II and the Suez Canal crisis and what followed in 1956 From a “triple aggression” carried out by France, Britain and Israel against Egypt. Its correspondents also covered most of the crises and all the Arab-Israeli wars, in addition to the Palestinian uprisings and the invasion of Iraq, which made it attract 40 million daily listeners.

And the World Broadcasting Service had previously announced, last September, its intention to suspend the work of a number of its radio stations in foreign languages, including Arabic and Persian, as part of a plan, with which 382 workers in all BBC offices will lose their jobs, but it will provide more than 53 workers. Million dollars, and it continues through the website, which contains a section dedicated to the name “Here is London” for audio content, and the radio is present on the “Social Media” space and communication sites.

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