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Beginning of procedures to exchange the seventh batch of prisoners… amid the possibility of resuming the war in Gaza

The seventh prisoner exchange between the Israeli government and Hamas began this evening, Thursday, as part of the armistice agreement extended for the second time.

The Red Cross received the first two Israeli Israelis from the Hamas movement, where they were transferred to the “Karni” crossing with the Gaza Strip, without transferring them to Egyptian territory, as is usual, with the other eight being transferred to Egyptian territory to be transported by air.

Local Palestinian media also reported that the Israeli authorities transferred a number of Palestinian prisoners from several prisons to Ofer Prison in the West Bank in preparation for their release, where the list of those released includes 30 people, including 8 women and 22 minor males, hailing from different areas between the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 Palestinians.

The State Information Service, which handles the communications process between the Israeli side and the Hamas movement, stated that the Egyptian and Qatari negotiators are pressing for a new extension of the truce, which expires tomorrow morning, Friday, for two days with the same previous conditions, the release of prisoners from both sides, and the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

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