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Beginning of the General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Today, in New York, the high-level week began within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly, with the Secretary-General of the Organization, Antonio Guterres, delivering a speech in which he outlined the goals of the international community.
In his speech, Guterres also called on countries to overcome the “six barriers” that, according to him, impede human development and prevent it from reaching the level appropriate to it, namely: the absence of peace; Climate change; Inequality between countries, including in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines; gender issues; Lack of justice in providing people with access to the Internet.
In his speech, Guterres called for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and an end to armed conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar, Syria and other parts of the world.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations also pointed to the danger of “returning coups”, adding that the absence of unity in the ranks of the international community “does not help” in solving the existing problems.
He also pointed out the impossibility of addressing serious economic challenges in the conditions of competition between the two economic superpowers, in reference to the United States and China.

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