Belonging .. close to impossible !!

Some time had to be spent on the near impossible !!!
Time was always yours !!!
Business for your family !!!
But! You didn’t give yourself some self-powders to feel the dread of time when he was about to leave !!!
Just as they were on the verge of leaving !!!
Here they left without permission or without shame !!!
Without them knowing that their departure may become your most powerful ammunition !!!
If only they knew how much power awaits you as soon as they are gone !!!
They stuck to stay !!!
Their shyness was keeping you from breathing !!!
You loved them so much that you forgot yourself between the fangs of intentional absence !!!
For as much as you belonged to them, you became a foreigner !!!
Doesn’t she deserve some affiliation now !!!
In order to honor them, it has exceeded the pitfalls of being satisfied !!!
Sincerely, you committed the first betrayal of your body !!!
For the love of them, you wielded strength when you were the weakest !!!
For their sake you melted your sorrows into the cup of subsequent regret !!!
They deserve all that love !!!
Whether they deserve all those years !!!
Um, do you deserve, after the amount of pain .. their departure !!!
Their bloody survival has always been on the threshold of leaving !!!
Just as your life was dying for them !!!
To deserve a life that looks like you and not like them !!!
To belong to yourself and not remain an extension of them !!!
You had to go into labor while you were in pain !!!
How can the power of forgetfulness endure so much disappointment !!!
How can you welcome new mornings without them !!!
How can they continue without you !!!
They were never yours !!!
You were with everything in you for them !!!
They were everything to you !!!
But they were never yours !!!
There had to be a departure befitting them and a stay worthy of you !!!
The explosive facts had to be made for their survival to be of false fragments !!!
And their departure remains the most sincere !!
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