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Benefits of the fragrant herb

Strengthens the immune system in the human body.
Helps treat diabetes by eating three clean sheets of paper three times, an hour before eating.
It clears the skin and acts as an antiseptic and cleanser for normal and suppurating acne, by soaking its leaves in boiling water and washing the face with it before using the medicine prescribed by a doctor.
Works to reduce high blood pressure.
Calms the nerves, especially when taken in the early morning with tea or alone.
Treats severe diarrhea and helps diuresis.
Purify the atmosphere and sterilize it from microbes.
It works as an antidote for spring fever, and treats dry cough and respiratory tract infections.
Treats colic, relieves stomach gases and bloating.
Relieves headache pain.
It works as an anti-cold, and treats various skin infections.
Its essential oils are used in the perfume and soap industry to take advantage of its distinctive smell and sterilization property.
It is used for decoration by planting it in the garden of the house.
It can be drunk in the form of fragrant tea, or its leaves can be added to tea or some sweets, and it can also be added to drinking water to give it a refreshing flavor.

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