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Benzema helps Paralympic champion to put her shoes on

Paralympic sprinter Susana Rodriguez Gasio was responsible for taking the kick-off before the start of the match between Real Madrid and its guest Villarreal in the seventh round of the Spanish Football League.
Susana has been selected as a guest at the Santiago Bernabéu to celebrate her latest achievement at the Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020.
Susana also accompanied the French star Karim Benzema to the field, and kicked the ball so that her shoe flew away in the air, which prompted the “Royal” star to quickly return it to her in a shot that everyone praised.
Although Susanna sees with one eye 5% and the other 8%, she managed to achieve the triathlon gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, last August.
In addition, Susanna recently appeared on the cover of Time magazine for her dual role as a doctor and athlete.

Susana has dedicated her specialization in physical medicine and rehabilitation to helping patients recover during the Corona lockdown period, while relying on a treadmill and stationary bike, to perform her training between work shifts.
After a goalless draw in the match result, Real Madrid consolidated its lead in the league with 17 points in the “La Liga” table.

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