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Between evasion and withdrawal, Turkish moves bombed inside

The Turkish regime is still continuing its intrusive approach in the events of all countries of the world that reach its hand, to the point where neither the relative geographically nor even the distant one was spared from it, and between the pretext of fighting terrorism, and claiming to preserve Turkish interests, Turkish forces have become present in recent times in all parts of the countries Which is witnessing conflicts and wars, which automatically increases the wars of those countries and prolongs the suffering of their people .. Perhaps Syria, which is geographically neighboring Turkey, has the largest share of this Turkish approach, so it has been following the same for many years, and the Turkish moves still bear the character of “elusive” in every step. Despite all the agreements that Turkey concluded with the Russians to withdraw from the Syrian lands …

Every time the countdown begins for the end of the stay time and the approaching date of implementation, Turkey finds ready justifications to prolong the stay, and to provide a dose of its affiliates from the armed groups in Syria with more moral and logistical support, except for Ankara embracing the meetings of the leaders of those groups and teaching them what should be ignited. How not Turkey tightens its grip on the necks of its sponsors to the extent that they left the Syrian battlefields to please it, and became involved in Turkey’s wars and interests in other countries, first and foremost Libya, in exchange for handfuls of dollars, perhaps their remaining days did not help them to seize it.

Regarding the suspicious new Turkish moves in Syria, local Syrian sources revealed that the Turkish forces had withdrawn from a military post in the east of the city of Saraqib in eastern Idlib, Syria, and transferred them to other Turkish sites in the vicinity of Al-Ruwaiha village in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of the governorate.

According to the sources, this step is considered to be an implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on withdrawing military points located in the areas controlled by the Syrian army in the de-escalation zone in the northwest of the country.

However, in return for this withdrawal, Turkey began to reinforce its forces at the Zaytouna point in Jabal al-Turkman, north of Lattakia, which experts considered a prelude to establishing a military observation point, and apparently a serious step to re-position with the aim of fortifying contact lines with the Syrian army in Idlib.

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