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Between staying in Paris or moving to Real Madrid, this is the date for determining the fate of the French star

The newspaper “L’Equipe” reported that the future of Mbaba has not yet been resolved, and that there is confusion about Fayza Amari’s remarks mother Kilian newspaper Marca.
It quoted the Spanish newspaper, the San Fayza Amari, Real Madrid is the first choice for Mbaba.

L’Equipe added that the close of Mbaba, confirmed that the player’s mother made statements to the Spanish newspaper, but changed her words later to confirm the existence of ongoing negotiations with the French club.
She pointed out that the chances of continuing with Mbappe with Paris or moving to Real Madrid are 50%, and the player will be the only decision-maker.
The newspaper “Le Parisien” that Mbaba postpone its final decision for after the end of the France team matches in the League of Nations in Europe, during the next month.

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