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Biden uses the Chinese website

US President Joe Biden recently joined the TikTok platform, months after preventing his employees from using the application owned by a Chinese company, claiming that this might expose his administration to spying by China.
This was stated in Biden’s account, “Hey guys,” announcing the appearance of the 81-year-old president for the first time on the video application that young voters usually prefer to obtain news and information.
American media also reported that President Biden’s election campaign decided to join Tim Nook despite concerns related to national security.
The media also quoted cybersecurity experts as saying that spying on the Biden campaign may be carried out through back channels created by the company that owns TikTok. The Biden campaign did not provide any details about its plans to prevent the company from accessing information that the Chinese government might see.
In the same context, Biden campaign advisors said in a statement: “We take advanced safety precautions around our devices and incorporate an advanced security protocol to ensure security.”
But the campaign did not explain this strategy or explain which devices would be logged into the account.
It is noteworthy that in June 2023, Biden prevented nearly 4 million government employees from installing the application on their devices, and due to data security concerns, American politicians supported banning the application completely.

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