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Biden’s popularity is at its lowest levels because of Gaza

The American NBC News network published an opinion poll showing a significant decline in the popularity of US President Joe Biden among voters, compared to what it was last September before the Israeli war on Gaza, when he now enjoys the support of only 40% of those surveyed.
The results also indicated a greater decline for Biden among the supporters of the Democratic Party, as 31% of them support the performance of the American President, a decrease of about 16% from what this percentage was last September.
The poll included American voters between the ages of 18 and 34, most of whom considered the president’s position weak and that the Israeli government had gone too far in its war on Gaza.
According to NBC, for the first time, the American voter sees himself agreeing with the policies of former President Donald Trump more than current President Joe Biden, before the presidential elections scheduled for next year 2024.

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