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Bin Ghafir’s breakthrough is causing global tension

Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itmar Ben-Ghafir, stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque this morning caused tension at the regional and global levels, with statements critical of this behaviour circulating both Arab and global.
The Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hizbullah, Hassan Nasrallah, stressed that exposure to holy sites and the Al-Aqsa mosque by Israelis might blow up the entire area.
The White House said that “any unilateral action that undermines the status quo of Jerusalem’s holy sites is unacceptable”, stressing that Washington’s position is firm on preserving the status quo and respecting Jerusalem’s holy sites.
The British Consulate in Jerusalem issued a statement saying, “It is important for all to avoid all activities that fuel tensions and undermine opportunities for peace.”
Egypt and Qatar condemned Israel’s radical incursion into Al-Aqsa mosque, warning against escalation.
Moreover, Jordanian Foreign Affairs summoned the Israeli Ambassador to protest, while Palestinian factions stressed that the incursion constituted a serious escalation, and called on Palestinians in the Bank to escalate the clashes.

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