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Bomb threat on board a plane at John F. Kennedy Airport

American media announced that one of the planes had threatened with a bomb on board, explaining that the plane managed to land safely at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, after these news, so that the necessary measures could be taken.

In turn, a spokesman for the US Port Authority, Lennis Rodriguez, said that the plane landed safely at John F. Kennedy Airport around 3:45 pm local time, after news of a bomb threat on board, stressing that the police began examining the plane after evacuating its adult passengers They numbered 250.

Rodriguez confirmed that a runway inside the airport was closed due to the ongoing investigations.

For his part, the official account of Kennedy Airport said on “Twitter”: “Due to an ongoing accident, emergency personnel can be monitored in an active state at JFK Airport. Please be aware that the airport is operating at full capacity and there is no delay in flights.”

So far, the reports received have not mentioned whether the police found the bomb inside the plane or was it just a false alarm?

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