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Britain is fighting Iran for its nuclear possession

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that his country does not rule out any option in the event of failure of negotiations to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

He stressed that the current Iranian behavior is aggressive and irresponsible.

He also pointed out that Tehran’s increase in enrichment levels to 90% confirms that its goal is not peaceful.

He also talked about his visit yesterday to Saudi Arabia, and made it clear that he had discussed with the Saudi Minister of Defense, Prince Khaled bin Salman, the files of Yemen and Iran.

He stressed that the relationship with the Kingdom is very strong and deep.

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, he made it clear that his country continues its previous supportive approach to Kiev. “We will go far in supporting Ukraine and adopt a firm stance,” he said.

Where he added that the current year will not be different from 2022 in terms of British support for the Ukrainian forces. He stressed that the mission of his country and its allies is to ensure Russia’s withdrawal from Ukrainian territory. But he made it clear at the same time that arming Kiev with Typhoon planes is not possible in the short term.

It is also noteworthy that Wallace’s statements about Iran specifically come a week after a secret report of the International Atomic Energy Agency revealed that its inspectors had recently discovered that Tehran had obtained enriched uranium by up to 84%.

The international monitoring mission also noted that Iran has enriched uranium to levels just below those required to produce a nuclear weapon.

And while international inspectors need to determine whether the Iranian authorities intentionally produced this enriched uranium to a degree of purity of 84%, or whether this was the result of unintentional accumulation inside the centrifuges, Tehran denied this matter.

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