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Bute above the knee is on the throne of women’s fashion

Bout sits above the knee on the throne of women’s shoe fashion in autumn-winter 2023-2024 to flirt with stems and give women an exciting feminine look.
Over-the-knee bot has many advantages for texture, as it makes plump stems look thinner and visually prolongs them, giving textures a slim and ravishing look.
This season’s over-the-knee bot comes with narrow story stems that stick to the body like a sock, with thick heels and high heels to give women a sense of comfort while walking on the one hand, and an elegant look on the other.
The above-knee bot has a variety of coordinating capabilities; It can be coordinated with a short knitwear or a plover larger than the size “Overseas”, and it also harmonizes with a short skirt or leggings.

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