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Calculated Attack: “The Strategy of the Hoopoe”

Diana Albast

In recent hours, a video broadcast by Hezbollah via the war media, titled “Anticipate… what the hoopoe has returned with,” has garnered widespread interest in the Lebanese and international political and media arena. The video did not merely display aerial footage but focused meticulously on three main targets in occupied Palestine, with precise identification of residential areas, Haifa port, and the “Rafael” military industries complex.

The name “the hoopoe,” chosen for the drone used in the attack, is not just a name but a symbol of intelligence and speed in intelligence, inspired by the Quranic story which is considered a tale about sound and rapid strategic thinking. The precise selection of video targets and its focus on sensitive strategic locations such as Haifa port demonstrates strategic superiority and an ability to plan accurately, showing the party’s strength in defense and offense.

Additionally, the video’s duration, which exceeded nine minutes, and its balanced distribution of different targets reflect a tight strategy in filming and disseminating information. The video also notably hinted at a coming second part, which enhances tension and anticipation in the political and military arena. The following is an analysis and monitoring of valuable target banks and a comprehensive survey of the northern region, filmed by drones. The video showed detailed information about massive targets divided into three main scenes and a target bank within each scene with quality and precision:

Military Industries Complex – Rafael Company: The target bank shown includes:
Iron Dome platforms
Rocket engine test tunnel
Rocket engine warehouses
Air defense missile warehouses
Missile component manufacturing facilities
David’s Sling platforms
Control and guidance systems factories
Company’s administrative buildings
Missile testing radars
Kiryat Haim area north of occupied Haifa:
The scene includes detailed information about residential areas, neighborhoods, residents, spaces, as well as distance from the Lebanese border.

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Street
Karti Square
Regular corps housing
Commercial complexes
Savyoney Yam complex
Abraham Gardens towers
Haifa Port area:
A real-time high-precision tour to view the entire port and its surrounding area.

Ship maintenance hangars
Computing unit building 3800
Haifa naval base
Main warehouse and supply department at Haifa base dock
Deep missions unit building – Yaltam
Submarine unit buildings
Submarine dock and berth
Submarine unit command building – Shayetet 7
Monitoring warships in port: Bat Yam logistical support ship – Sa’ar 4.5 ships – Dvora boats – Sa’ar 6 ships – Sa’ar 5 ships – Sa’ar 4.5 ships
Carmel dock
Container ships and port operations
Mizrahi dock
Overall, this video shows a significant advancement in Hezbollah’s capabilities and highlights its impact on changing regional equations and directly and effectively challenging Israeli security forces.

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