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Cameroonian charlatan warns Salah

The game of football continues to amaze its fans in all ways, as it is no longer only a matter of following its stars and their achievements on the field, but we have always been amazed by the ways in which fans interact in many cases, as the predictions and tales of charlatans at other times take us in their strangeness.
Today, a Cameroonian charlatan comes out to us to say his word to the English Premier League stars, which appears to be decisive and assertive, according to his statements, as the Cameroonian charlatan Nwanki Bujumbura warned the Egyptian team and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, in the event of any goal scored against the Cameroon national team if the two teams meet.
Also, Bujumbura’s threats came after Cameroon defeated Burkina Faso 2-1 in the opening match of the African Nations Cup.
The charlatan said: “I will not have mercy on anyone who stands in the way of Cameroon to win the African Cup,” noting that his team will be crowned with the cup.
As a matter of affirmation, Bujumbura gave strong-worded advice to the stars of the English teams: “I advise Mohamed Salah, Mahrez and Mane not to score goals against the Cameroon national team in the event of playing against him, because I keep personal pictures of them, in addition to Turkey canceling its plan to compensate banks for the losses of the lira in bonds.
He added, “I am able to harness powerful evil energy, practice voodoo rituals, and use rat tails, hyena brains, hedgehogs’ buttocks and mosquito milk in preparing my miraculous magical mixtures.”
The charlatan vowed to death both of the aforementioned players and the Egyptian team in particular if they stand in the way of the Cameroon team towards victory: “I warn the Egyptian team in particular against standing in our way.”
These statements came shortly after the start of the group stage matches of the 2021 African Nations Championship, yesterday evening, Sunday, which will be held in Cameroon. in the African Championship.

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