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Cancellation of visa between Egypt and Sudan

Ben Hossam Issa, the Egyptian ambassador to Sudan, expressed his hope that entry visas between Egypt and Sudan would be canceled in the future.
The Sudanese newspaper quoted the Egyptian ambassador as saying: “I hope that entry visas between the two countries will be canceled in the future.”

This came in the context of statements in which Issa denied the rumors that the embassy in Khartoum had stopped granting entry visas to Sudanese to his country, stressing that the granting of the visa had not been stopped and there were no changes in its system. The Egyptian ambassador added: “Welcome to our Sudanese brothers in Egypt at any time.”

Earlier, Issa asked the Sudanese Minister of Health, Dr. Omar Al-Najeeb, to provide all the aid Sudan needs with regard to health, pledging to make available Egypt’s pharmaceutical expertise, provide absolute support to the transitional government, and treat the casualties of the revolution, the Sudanese protests in Egypt.

The Sudanese Minister of Health also received Ambassador Hossam Issa, where the minister affirmed his country’s benefit from the expertise and techniques of the advanced Egyptian pharmaceutical industries and the training of cadres at the present time, and announced the ministry’s policy aimed at localizing the drug industry and solving the problem of scarcity in the near future.

For his part, the Egyptian ambassador announced three urgent projects submitted by Egypt, including a project to measure the eyesight of school children, in addition to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative to eliminate hepatitis C, and a project to combat the Gambia mosquito in the border areas between the two countries.

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