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Captagon shipment from Syria to Jordan

The Syrian security services seized a shipment of the narcotic Captagon pills, which was on its way to the Jordanian border.

The source of my nation in Daraa said, “The competent authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle a quantity of narcotic Captagon pills that were on their way towards the Jordanian border.

The source revealed that the consignment was hidden in a secret hideout prepared for this purpose in a special “pickup” car, and it was arrested at one of the security checkpoints in the governorate’s countryside.

The source added: “The suspects were arrested for smuggling the shipment and are currently under investigation in preparation for their transfer to the competent judiciary.”

The source explained that preliminary investigations indicate that the shipment was on its way to Jordanian territory.

The source concluded that the competent authorities are intensively following up their tasks to combat all forms of trafficking and drug smuggling of all kinds in the governorate.

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