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Cautious calm on Lebanese territory for how long?

The border villages and towns in southern Lebanon appeared to be calm after clashes lasted for 50 days between Hezbollah and the Israeli army along the dividing line, which is 120 kilometers long and divided into 3 western, central and eastern sectors, extending from Ras al-Naqoura to the outskirts of the town of al-Mari in the Shebaa Farms on Border with Syria.
During a tour of the western sector of southern Lebanon during the times of the truce in the Gaza Strip between the Hamas movement and Israel, he was briefed on the situation of the region and the conditions of citizens, towns and villages adjacent to the separation wall built by the Israeli army on the side of the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine.
Despite the cautious anticipation of the people of southern towns and villages for the possibility of events developing for the worse, they live their normal lives, go about their daily work on their land, and harvest their crops without fear or trepidation.”
In an interview with Sputnik, the residents of the town of Kafr Kila, directly adjacent to the separation wall, pointed out that during the 50 days that preceded the truce, the Israeli army was targeting farmers working on their land and shooting them with bullets and firebombs to make them afraid and leave their homes.
They also stressed that they are not afraid of Israeli bombing and will remain steadfast in their land and support and support the resistance.
The mayor of Kafr Kila, lawyer Hassan Sheet, explained in an interview with “Sputnik” that, “Since the morning of the second day of the truce taking effect in the Gaza Strip, damage detection committees began their field work in the southern villages, where joint committees affiliated with the municipality of Kafr Kila and committees were formed.” The Council of the South, which is affiliated with the Lebanese government, and the committees affiliated with Hezbollah, in order to uncover and record the damage caused to the people as a result of the Israeli bombing, and to estimate the actual cost that must be paid for treatment.”
The mayor of Kafr Kila also confirmed, “This issue will be followed up until the end without any discrimination between citizens and residents, and cooperation will be between all committees and the people of the south, and no one will be excluded.”

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