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Celebrities getting back together after their breakup

The name of the artist Marwan Khoury topped the social media talk after he finally decided that he would be a bridegroom in 2022, hinting at his return to his ex-fiancée Nada Ramal to end a long celibate journey, as he was considered one of the most famous single stars in the artistic community over the past years.

Where Marwan Khoury surprised his fans by confirming that he would be a decisive bride in 2022, while attending the wedding of the Lebanese journalist Jad Ghosn, where he attended with his fiancée at the ceremony, and he laughed in response to a question by Al-Jadeed channel, about whether he will be a groom in 2022, and he said: “Sure, it’s over.” …with an increase in this matter,” in reference to his delay in getting married a lot, and that he will not postpone the matter any longer.

Marwan Khoury had revealed the secret of his delayed marriage so far, despite his wide fame among girls for romance, saying: “Marriage for me is linked to feelings and passion.”

As for the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, she caused a sensation after she canceled, in a previous period, following her husband’s account on Instagram, which sparked rumors about her separation from him. Indeed, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi confirmed this matter, but put it in the context of a simple marital dispute, and then wrote a romantic letter to his wife in which he wooed her: “I love you, And what is between you and me is much greater than any disagreement, or empty talk.”

Then he wrote a second message to his followers, in which he resolved the nature of the dispute with his wife, Yasmine, saying: “I am silent, because this is a dispute between me and my beloved wife, like any natural couple,

And about the Syrian star, Dima Bayaa, shocked everyone in November of the year 2020 with the news of her separation from her husband Ahmed Al-Helou, despite the romance and calm that had characterized their marriage for years, but things returned to normal after a short period as the duo reconciled and described the matter as a transient problem that occurs between the spouses, Ahmed also commented Al-Helou on the short period of separation from his wife, saying: “Like any couple, there was a difference of views. We separated for a while, then we met and discussed everything calmly, and things returned to their normal course, praise be to God.”

Artist Ahmed El Sakka

Despite the spread of rumors more than once in the past years about the separation of the duo Ahmed Al-Saqqa and his media wife Maha Al-Saghir and then their return to each other, the duo chose to remain silent until Maha Al-Saghir actually revealed the truth of these rumors and confirmed her separation twice from her husband and then his return.

Rogina and Ashraf Zaki

The marriage of Rogina and Ashraf Zaki is considered one of the most famous and steadfast marriages to this day for more than 20 years. The two have been associated with a special love story since their acquaintance, as Rogina was still a student at the institute, while he was Ashraf Zaki, the professor, and they were engaged in an engagement relationship that culminated in marriage and gave birth to two daughters: Maya And Mary.

However, their marital relationship broke out a few years ago, a short separation that lasted for about six months, after Ashraf Zaki was preoccupied with the pressures of his work and Rogina’s feeling of neglecting her husband.

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