Celine Dion sad and why

Celine Dion, the 53-year-old Canadian star’s party organizer, announced…
,, that the latter canceled her concerts in November, January and February due to health problems she suffers from.
The company’s statement, which Celine Dion published on her personal account on Instagram, said that the star suffers from “severe and persistent muscle cramps” that will prevent her from performing at her concerts next month, and concerts scheduled for the beginning of 2022 at the Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas, United States.

Celine Dion sad
The star also stated in the statement that she expresses her deep regret for canceling the concerts, especially that she and her assistant team have worked to prepare for the new parties over the past 8 months.
“Not being able to party in November, as scheduled, makes me sad,” Celine said.
The star also added that the staff at the Las Vegas resort worked around the clock to prepare the new theater for the performances, and she feels that she really let them down, and this makes her sad and sorry.
Celine apologized to her audience who was waiting for her at the Las Vegas concerts, concluding her speech by saying: “My current focus must be on my health to recover and get over it as quickly as possible.”
The statement stated that the company will refund the price of tickets for everyone, but it is not responsible for hotel reservations and tickets, provided that Celine Dion will resume upcoming concerts as of March 9 of next year.
Celine Dion Musical Tour
It is noteworthy that the star Celine Dion was preparing to go to Las Vegas to present her performances at Resorts World Las Vegas Theater, where the first concert would include a fictional show on November 5, 2021, and that she will successively present 21 concerts there, 10 of them in November and 7 in January 2022, and the remaining 5 bids in February 2022.
Concerts not canceled from the tour are scheduled to begin in March 2022 in North America, which includes Salt Lake City, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh before its final stop in Washington.

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