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Celine Dion talks about her illness and gives advice

After she shocked millions of her fans around the world by revealing the disease that afflicted her,
Canadian singer Celine Dion recounted some of her suffering as a result of her “stiff person syndrome” and the painful symptoms she suffers from.
In an interview with NBC News, she said that she suffers from daily cramps, which causes her severe pain, saying: “The cramps can be in the abdomen, in the spine, and in the ribs,” revealing that “this condition led to the fracture of her ribs.”
She also explained that singing with stiff person syndrome makes her feel like “someone is suffocating her.” When she was asked how she feels when she tries to sing while suffering from this condition, she answered: “It feels like someone is pressing on your throat,” pointing out that it is difficult for her to control the pitch of her voice due to the spasms caused by the disease.
This came months after she admitted that she was determined to return to the stage, singing and playing again.
It is noteworthy that the 56-year-old singer was diagnosed with the rare and incurable autoimmune neurological disorder “Stiff Person Syndrome” in 2022, and was forced to cancel all future tour dates as a result.
At the end of January, Amazon Prime Video announced its intention to release a documentary about the singer entitled “I Am: Celine Dion,” through which she wants to “raise awareness” of her disease.

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