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Chanel presents its new collection for spring and summer 2024.. and this is the most prominent of its contents

The famous French fashion house Chanel presented its new collection for spring and summer 2024 in the French capital, Paris, in the presence of a wide audience of fashion lovers and a number of celebrities, most notably the American actress Margaret Qualley, the brand’s ambassador.
Ballet fashion was the source of inspiration for the “Haute Couture” collection for spring and summer 2024 presented by the house. The models wore pink and wore hair ties in the style of ballet dancers. The artistic director of the house, Virginie Viard, said in her explanation of the fashion that the selected clothes are very light and made of tulle, ruffles and lace. In imitation of ballet dancers’ clothes.
The designs as a whole preserved the famous Chanel imprint in a classic, modern style. Most of the designs were distinguished by tulle fabric and embroidered roses, and the models wore long stockings colored silver and white, as well as the black shoes common to all designs.
For the bride of 2024, Chanel presented an embroidered short dress with long loose sleeves and a long tulle train that was dominated by the Victorian style with a modern touch that reflects high craftsmanship. As for the colors, white, black, pink and silver were present in most of the collection, and the embroidery of roses was strongly present on the dresses and jackets.

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