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China announces an Iranian Gulf meeting

Well-informed sources told the American Wall Street Journal that Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed, during his visit to Riyadh late last year, to hold a summit in Beijing between Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council states this year.

The newspaper quoted unnamed sources today, Sunday, as saying, “The Chinese president proposed a summit between Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, during this year, in Beijing.”

According to the sources, “the summit must be held after the scheduled meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

Where the newspaper reported, “in reference to China’s growing influence, all parties agreed not to use English during negotiations, and correspondence and documents were in Arabic, Persian and Mandarin.”

The Chinese president visited Saudi Arabia to attend the first China-Arab summit last December.

Last Friday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between them and the reopening of the embassies of the two countries within 60 days, after talks sponsored by China.

Saudi Arabia and Iran severed their relations in January 2016, after the Riyadh embassy in Tehran, as well as its consulate in the city of Mashhad, were attacked.

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