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China announces assistance to stop the war

The meeting of the ministerial committee assigned by the Arab-Islamic Summit with the Chinese Foreign Ministry delegation in Beijing resulted on Monday, where Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed his country’s support for the just cause of the Palestinian people in order to restore their legitimate rights.
He also stressed Beijing’s rejection of displacement or forced displacement against Palestinian civilians.
He also announced his country’s readiness to work and make efforts to release the prisoners and find a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue.
He added that China is also ready to work with Arab and Islamic countries to make efforts to quickly end the Gaza war
At the same time, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki revealed that it had been agreed with China to hold a Security Council session on November 29, at a ministerial level.
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan reiterated that the situation is catastrophic in the Gaza Strip, during the meeting of the ministerial committee assigned by the Arab-Islamic Summit with the Chinese Foreign Ministry delegation in Beijing, today, Monday. He stressed that the committee looks forward to coordinating with China to advance urgent solutions to the crisis in Gaza.
He warned that the situation in the besieged Palestinian Strip is escalating in the absence of effective international action, and in the absence of the international community taking the necessary positions to stop Israeli violations.
The ministerial committee, which includes, in addition to the Saudi Foreign Minister, the Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian foreign ministers and the Secretary of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, arrived earlier today in Beijing in order to formulate international action to stop the Israeli war on Gaza.
The committee’s tour also aims to take deterrent measures to stop Israeli violations in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as work to secure urgent relief corridors and launch a serious political process.
It also seeks to push for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
It is noteworthy that the extraordinary summit of Arab and Islamic countries held last week in Riyadh, from which that committee emerged, called for an end to the Israeli attacks on Gaza, holding Israel responsible for the possible expansion of the scope of the war.

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