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China is the largest naval power in the world

The report issued last Wednesday revealed that the Chinese Navy includes 355 ships and submarines.
The report indicated that the Navy, known as the People’s Liberation Army Navy, includes 145 major surface fighters.
The report also indicated that the Chinese Navy is ready to carry out long-range precision strikes against land targets and strengthen its anti-submarine warfare, which enhances China’s capabilities as a global power.

The US Department of Defense expected that the number of naval vessels in the Chinese fleet in the future will increase to 460 ships by 2030.
In addition to having the largest naval force in the world, China also has the largest standing army in the world and the third largest air force in the world. In addition to all of this, China has known nuclear capabilities.
And the American “National Interest” magazine reported that the increase in the strength of the Chinese fleet contributes to supporting China’s foreign political goals, especially in the disputed areas in the South China Sea, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea.
The magazine pointed out that China’s naval power is not limited to the naval fleet of the Chinese army, but also includes the naval forces of the Coast Guard, and the naval forces of the so-called “People’s Armed Forces”.

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