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China pledges to take “all necessary measures in response to the huge US tariffs.”

Beijing said it pledges to resolutely defend its interests in the face of massive new US tariffs, and warned that trade barriers would affect the broader relationship between the two great economic powers.
China “strongly opposes” the new tariffs, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.
She added that “the increase in tariffs imposed by the United States contradicts President Joe Biden’s commitment not to seek to suppress and contain China’s development and not to seek disengagement and severing relations with China.”
The ministry added, “This measure will seriously affect the atmosphere of bilateral cooperation” between the two countries.
On Tuesday, the White House announced a significant increase in customs duties imposed on Chinese products worth $18 billion to protect American companies and workers from competition that Washington considers “unfair.”
The new customs duties include about ten industrial sectors considered “strategic,” such as semiconductors, vital metals, medical products, and even electric cars, with the latter, for example, witnessing a rise in customs duties from 25% to 100%.
Aside from quadrupling duties on electric cars, Washington increased duties on steel and aluminum from 7.5% to 25%, as well as duties on batteries and semiconductors from 25% to 50%, which are now also applied to solar panels and some medical products.

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