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China responds to NATO’s statements

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said that the international community has a fair opinion about NATO’s role in the Ukrainian crisis, calling on the alliance to reconsider its actions regarding this crisis and not make arbitrary accusations.
The international community has a fair opinion regarding the role of NATO in the Ukrainian crisis, which is considered a product of the Cold War and the largest military bloc in the world. “NATO should rethink its actions, and not carry out arbitrary slanderous attacks against China.”
The Chinese diplomat stressed that Beijing was not the one who caused the Ukrainian crisis or was a party to it, noting that Beijing is making continuous efforts to facilitate peace negotiations.
The spokesman said: “We recommend that the parties concerned stop exchanging blame and responsibility, sow discord, stop adding fuel to the fire and provoking confrontation between the blocs, and start doing something fundamental to reach a political solution to the crisis. It is worth noting that Russia has repeatedly indicated that it is ready for negotiations.” But Kiev imposed a ban on negotiations at the legislative level, which the West ignores.

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