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Chinese Defense Minister in Iran with a military delegation

This morning, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe arrived in the capital, Tehran, to hold talks with officials of the Iranian armed forces.
And the Quds Force channel reported, through its Telegram account, that “the Chinese minister intends, during this visit, to hold talks with the Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Support, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, and a number of senior officials in the country.”
The Iranian-Chinese talks will also include the latest international and regional developments and ways to enhance cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries, raise the level of bilateral relations and issues of common concern.
Amir Abdollahian, Iran’s foreign minister, said recently that he had a good meeting with China’s foreign minister and state councilor, Wang Yi.
“I had a good meeting with Wang Yi, and thanked him for his successful hosting of the Afghan Neighborhood Role meeting, and views on bilateral issues were appropriately exchanged,” Abdullahian wrote in a tweet via his official Twitter account.
He also explained: “I stressed the need for continued cooperation and to confront arrogance, unilateralism and the inhumane ban.”
It is noteworthy that the Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to the city of Tunxi, eastern China, to attend the third meeting of foreign ministers of the Afghan neighborhood with Russia, and delegations from the Taliban, Indonesia and Qatar participated in the meeting.

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