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“Ciara” causes widespread devastation in western Europe, and a general power outage for millions

The wind speed of Storm Ciara, which is targeting regions of Western Europe, exceeded 180 kilometers per hour, causing extensive damage that included uprooting trees, shattering windows, and cutting off the electrical grid for millions of people.

The storm is accompanied by heavy rains and the risk of flooding, which the National Meteorological Service in Britain has warned of, calling on people to take the necessary precautions.

The storm caused the Dutch airline KLM to cancel all flights today, due to strong winds and difficulty taking off. The French Meteorological Authority had issued broad warnings in the country, whether in the interior or coastal areas. Many local train trips were cancelled, and a number of roads were closed. Home, and the local authorities issued warnings to avoid driving in the targeted areas, as the wind speed reached 180 km/h on the Brittany coast, 160 km/h on the Normandy coast, and 150 km/h in the inland areas, while The wave height reached 10 meters, as France announced A driver was killed when his truck collided with a tree in the north of the country.

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