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Cinnamon with tea benefits and harms

Here is a set of health benefits that you may reap as a result of consuming cinnamon tea:

Rich in antioxidants

Cinnamon tea is one of the drinks rich in beneficial and important antioxidants for your health, including polyphenols, as antioxidants resist the action and accumulation of harmful free radicals in the body, which contribute to many chronic diseases, such as: diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Reducing the risk of various infections

Cinnamon contains many anti-inflammatory compounds, which reduces the risk of various infections in the body.

Promote heart health

One of the most important benefits of cinnamon tea is that it works to promote heart health by lowering high blood pressure, in addition to enhancing good cholesterol levels in the body.

It was also found that cinnamon contains a substance known as Coumarin, which helps protect blood vessels from narrowing and thus reduce the risk of thrombosis, but do not overeat this substance, as this may cause a decrease in liver function and an increase in the risk of bleeding.

Fight bacteria and fungi

Cinnamon has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, thus fighting their growth and reproduction in the body. This in turn may help get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath, and may reduce the risk of infection with different types of bacteria, such as: Escherichia coli.

Manage your blood sugar level

Cinnamon has a strong effect on blood sugar levels, as some practical studies have found that it acts like insulin in the body, that is, it helps in managing blood sugar levels, in turn, it can also help in enhancing the functions and ability of insulin in the body.

Helps in losing weight

One of the most important benefits of cinnamon tea, which prompts many to drink it, is its role in aiding weight loss. Although practical research in this field is limited, cinnamon may really contribute to that.

Cinnamon tea caveats

Here are the most important cases in which they should beware of drinking cinnamon tea:

Pregnant women should avoid consuming cinnamon in large quantities.

You should avoid drinking cinnamon tea if you are allergic to it.

Diabetics are advised to monitor their blood sugar before drinking cinnamon tea.

Chronic disease patients should consult a doctor before drinking cinnamon tea due to its many interactions with medications.

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